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Selective high-speed coating system

Selektives High Speed Lackiersystem

  • Fast, accurate and detailed coating
  • Working surface up to 500 x 440 mm (410 mm in line)
  • 3 heads can be used at the same time with different materials, e.g. first valve with gel for areas that do not tolerate coating, a second valve with a wide round jet for larger areas, and a third valve for use with a fine dispensing needle.
  • Z slider with an integrated rotating and tilting function, stroke 105mm
  • In‐line drying oven with 8 independently controlled heating zones
  • Drying without air circulation through IR (infrared) heating.

DIMA 0005 coatingDIMA 0002 screen coating

Selectve high-speed coating system DR‐070

  • High speed, high accuracy
  • Camera for teach-in, reference mark identification
  • Offline programming software
  • 3 heads for use with 3 different materials concurrently
  • 4 axis movement, Z slider with a rotating and tilting function up to 105mm

Drying oven CO‐462

  • In‐line drying oven with 8 heating zones
  • Speed 3 to 1000 mm / min.

DIMA 0003 Curano Trockenofen TunnelbeginnDIMA 0004 Curano Trockenofen Heizkammer