Millstätter See Kärnten
responsible and reliable

  • Wound Products

    trafo pWe manufacture winding material according to your specifications.

    According to the standards:

    VDE, ÖVE, IEC, UL, CSA, SEV or EN norms

    All winding materials are 100% tested.

  • Electronic Components

    bauteil pWe run a well-stocked warehouse with about 30,000 different active, passive, electromechanical components, wire and cable packaging accessories.

  • Assembly

    assemble pWe offer you support for the development and composition of the circuit board layout. We build prototypes, test and optimise their circuits for you, and manufacture them in any quantity according to your documentation.

  • Printed Circuit Boards

    print pFor the manufacturing of circuit boards, we have entered into a partnershop with two companies. All circuit boards are electronically tested. Of course we can also deliver small quantities and individual items. In urgent cases we also offer an express supply and delivery service.

  • Device Production & Product Service

    mrd pWe handle every aspect of turning your idea into a sellable product, from development to logistics.

  • Moulding technology

    mrd pFor the LED sector and other applications we can also mould transparent components.

  • Cable Assembly

    kabel pWe manufacture customised wire and cable packaging according to your specifications, with the highest precision and short delivery and reaction times. On request we can provide cable packaging with circuit boards as a complete solution (electronically tested).

  • e-solution

    esolution pThe use of energy-saving T5 fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast units could enhance lighting quality and save a lot of energy. Unfortunately such tubes do not fit into the current brackets. Or do they?