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Company history

1982 Founding of the sole proprietorship company KATRONIK by Hubert Steindl in Molzbichl near Spittal/Drau, Carinthia. The area of business is the production of client-specific transformers.
1983 Hubert Steindl takes over the retail shop for sales of electronic components from the company LEITGEB KG, Spittal/Drau and expands it together with the production plant.
1986 Founding of KATRONIK Elektronik Ltd. in Spittal/Drau.
1988 Relocation to a new company building in Spittal/Drau. The retail business and the transformer production are concentrated in one location.
1990 Restructuring of KATRONIK Elektronik Ltd. and KATRONIK with sole proprietorship by Hubert Steindl. This step launches a wider expansion at home and abroad.
1991 Acquisition of the company SENZEL – Transformatorenbau (transformer manufacturing), Wurmannsquick, in Germany and opening of a sales office.
1992 Relocation to the new company building in the current location in Döbriach, Kirchgasse.
1993 Strengthening of business relations with neighbouring countries Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia.
1994 Opening of a sales office in Prague, for handling the the Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian markets, as well as the opening of a production plant in Slovenia.
1995 Development of the business area of circuit board assembly, using new technologies (SMT and conventional).
1997 Inclusion of new production sectors such as cable packaging and moulding technology.
1998 Incorporation of KATRONIK (sole proprietor Hubert Steindl) into the newly founded KATRONIK H. Steindl Ltd.
2000 Expansion and development of branches in Slovenia. The aim is to provide efficient customer services on this market.
2001 Addition of a warehouse and increase in production.
2002 Implementation of new production technologies, development of client-specific electronics and for a variety of specialist areas, such as navigation technology (message decoders and emergency call systems).
2006/07 Redesign of the company building, of the production area and of a warehouse on the Döbriach premises. Further developments in manufacturing, implementation of innovative technologies and comprehensive quality management enhance the client-orientated increases in productivity.
2007 Development of a new production line in Slovenia, focussing on the mounting of circuit boards and assembly of complete appliances, as well as expansion of the development and services areas.
2010 Takeover of the cable packaging enterprise SCHRENK in Groß Enzersdorf, restructured as CHS Schrenk Ltd. with production plants in Groß Enzersdorf and in the Czech Republic.
2012 Certification of all KATRONIK enterprises (at home and abroad) according to the latest DIN ISO 9001:2008 standards. The KATRONIK group has branches in Carinthia, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg, as well as Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.
30 Jahre KATRONIK As a modern electronics service company, today KATRONIK offers a wide product range and unites all the relevant areas within the KATRONIK group. Its services and strengths are development, circuit board mounting, testing, cable packaging, assembly, and the finalisation of complete appliances.
2016 Expansion of the development team in Döbriach.

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