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Selective high-speed coating system

Selektives High Speed Lackiersystem

  • Fast, accurate and detailed coating
  • Working surface up to 500 x 440 mm (410 mm in line)
  • 3 heads can be used at the same time with different materials, e.g. first valve with gel for areas that do not tolerate coating, a second valve with a wide round jet for larger areas, and a third valve for use with a fine dispensing needle.
  • Z slider with an integrated rotating and tilting function, stroke 105mm
  • In‐line drying oven with 8 independently controlled heating zones
  • Drying without air circulation through IR (infrared) heating.

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Circuit Boards assembly

As a service provider, we are able and willing to handle all tasks that you would like to outsource because:

  • Your production technology resources do not meet your own requirements
  • Your personal capacities are overloaded and are not going to be expanded
  • You would like to reduce your company to its core competences for economic reasons and want to outsource all other activities

We offer you support during the development and composition of the circuit board layout. We build the prototypes, test and optimise the circuits, and manufacture for you in any required quantity, according to your documentation.


SMT, THT and conventional assembly

  • Our strengths lie in the production of small to medium series, but we are also perfectly equipped for assembling large series on 2 lines.
  • More than 70,000 components per hour can be processed on our lines, starting from a chip size of 01005.
  • During the assembly process, the refitting for another product can be carried out in parallel.
  • The precision is of +/- 50 μ on the high speed lines and +/- 30 μ for the small series.


Quality assurance

Our services area is characterised by:

  • Fully qualified personnel, trained on an ongoing basis
  • Modern machines and workspaces for the mounting, finishing and moulding of the circuit boards
  • A quality management system according to ISO9000



Universal cleaning system for mounted circuit boards and other components.

This cleaning system can be used universally for electronic modules and precision-engineered components. The system is suitable for both small and medium batch sizes, as well as for large series, with an automatic conveyor, and the cleaning meets IPC standards.


  • Manufacturing Open or Close

    Assembly line 1 – small and medium series

    Stencil printer– SJ Inno Tech HP 520

    • PCB size: Min: 50 x 50 mm, Max: 520 x 420 mm
    • PCB thickness: 0,4 mm – 4,0 mm
    • Digital setting of squeegee pressure and speed
    • Precision 0,015 mm with repeat precision 0,01 mm
    • Minimum gap 0,03 mm, CSP 01005 (0402 metric)
    • 2D paste inspection, CCD camera, coaxial RGB-LED vision
    • Rear side cleaning: wet, vacuum, dry

    Assembly machine – Europlacer IINEO

    • PCB size: Min: 60 x 60 mm, Max: 700 x 460 mm
    • PCB thickness: 0,5 mm – 4,5 mm
    • Smallest component size 01005, lead pitch 0,4 mm
    • Centering system "On the Fly" grey scale vision, high precision 35µ (QFPs) bis 60µ (chips)
    • Turret head with 8 or 12 recording tools, assembly performance 13.500 BT/h
    • Max. number of 8 mm feeders: 264 on assembly carts + 10 Jedec Matrix Magazine
    • 40 air jet tool positions, special tools

    Reflow Oven – Heller 1707EXL

    • PCB width 50 bis 508 mm
    • Combination of linear grille and chain conveyor
    • Speed up to 60 cm / min
    • Temperature control to precisely 0,1° C
    • 3 PCB thermal element profiles
    • Process monitoring for continuous process management
    • 7 ceiling and floor heating zones, a cooling zone
    • Conveyer belt gap of 29mm at the top and bottom

    Automatic Optical Inspection – Marantz 22XDL-460

    • 2D checking of SMT and THT components
    • High Speed Digital XGA colour camera
    • DOAL (coaxial illumination system with prism), PMW LEDs
    • Gap between components top 40 mm, bottom 70 mm
    • PCB size max. 460 x 360 mm
    • Max. 160.000 components per hour, smallest component size 01005

    Assembly line 2 – medium and large series

    Stencil printer

    • Printing area: 508 x 457 mm
    • Storage of over 200.000 printing files
    • Automatic Vision System for reference corrections
    • Quatroflex clamping settings

    Assembly machine – Samsung SM 421

    • PCB size: Min: 50 x 40 mm, Max: 610 x 510 mm
    • PCB thickness: 0,38 mm – 4,2 mm
    • Smallest component size 01005 up to 75 mm connector strips
    • CCD vision system "On the Fly", high precision
    • 30µ (QFPs) to 50µ (Chips)
    • Automatic correction
    • Single X/Y-Gantry System with 6 independent heads, assembly performance 21.000 BT/h
    • Max. number of 8 mm feeders: 120 on assembly carts

    Reflow Oven – Heller 1809 MK III

    • PCB width 50 to 610 mm
    • Combination of linear grille and chain conveyor
    • Speed 60 to 80 cm / min
    • Temperature controls to precisely 0,1° C
    • Waterless and filterless flux management with self-cleaning system enables maintenance-free operation
    • 9 ceiling and floor heating zones, two cooling zones
    • Conveyer belt gap at the top and bottom 29mm

    Automatic Optical Inspection – 3K PERFORM

    • 2D testing of SMT and THT components
    • High-resolution digital camera, 2352 x 1728 pixels
    • I-Lite technology
    • Smallest component size 01005
    • PCB size max. 458 x 406 mm
    • Max. 250.000 components per hour

    Assembly line 3 – medium and large series
    The advantage of this assembly line is the use of 2 assembly machines in a row, Chip Shutter and Placer. This leads to shorter processing times on the line.

    Stencil printer Samsung SP450V

    • PCB size: Min: 50 x 50 mm, Max: 450 x 400 mm
    • Position correction through advance vision system
    • PCB print positioning with Cognex Vision System
    • Pressure regulation with a servomechanism and air cylinder
    • Cycle time 16 sec / PCB, precision 0,025 mm
    • Minimum gap 0,04 mm, CSP 01005 (0402 metric)
    • 2D measurement system for PCB and stencil
    • Fully programmable cleaning system: wet, vacuum, dry
    • Quatroflex system for quick stencil change

    Assembly machine– Samsung SM 411

    • PCB size: Min: 50 x 40 mm, Max: 610 x 460 mm; PCB thickness: 0,38 mm – 4,2 mm
    • Smallest component size 01005
    • CCD vision system "On the Fly", high precision 50µ
    • Automatic adjustment
    • 2-axes system each with 6 spindles, assembly performance 42.000 BT/h
    • Max. number of 8 mm feeders: 120 on assembly carts

    Assembly machine – Samsung SM 421

    • For technical information see assembly line 2

    Reflow Oven – Heller 1809 MK III

    • For technical information see assembly line 2

    Automatic Optical Inspection

    • For technical information see assembly line 2

    Wave soldering system – SEHO 8140PCS – Semi Nitrogen

    • With nitrogen fumigation
    • PCB size max. 350 x 400 mm
    • Spray fluxer with programmable flux dosage
    • Hot air preheating system for water-based fluxes
    • 2 IR preheating zones for optimum temperatures
    • Turbulent and laminar waves
    • Completely RoHS compatible tin solder

    Full-tunnel wave soldering system in a nitrogen atmosphere – ERSA Powerflow e N2

    • PCB size max. 400 x 500 mm
    • 3 and 5-row chip wave for efficient SMD soldering
    • Precise spray fluxer with a robust, precisely repeating driver
    • Universal finger transport or carrier transport
    • Modular, flexible preheating concept with convection heating and radiation heating also for water-based flux materials
    • Modern controls concept
    • Operation via touchscreen

    In-circuit test systems – Agilent HP3070

    • ICT testing, programming and function tests all-in-one

    High voltage tester AC/DC – GPT 9803

    • Alternating current 0,1 to 5 kV AC, 200 VA,
    • Direct current 0,1 to 6 kV DC
    • Rollover detection
    • Insulation measurements from 1 - 9990 MOhm with 50, 100, 500 or 1000 VDC

    Rework System ERSA IR550A – Selective Reflow Model

    • Suitable for BGA, fine pitch and other SMD components
    • Temperature measuring via two channels:
    • 1 IRS sensor, 1 AccuTC thermal element (K-Type)
    • Dynamic IR & Closed Loop selective reflow process
    • Laser pointer for component ID and board position
    • Manual reflow head with automatic component extraction
    • Integrated, axial, upper cooling ventilator
    • Integrated, digital soldering station with soldering irons
    • System remote control PC with process documentation

    Universal cleaning system UNICLEAN III

    • Universally usable for electronic components and precision-engineered components
    • 4-step system for small to large series with automatic rack conveyor system
    • Visualised machine regulation and process monitoring with protocols
    • Cleaning support with ultrasound or aerators
    • DI water detailed rinsing in a closed cycle (finest filter 1µ)
    • Hot air drying 80° C

    Silicon coating dispenser – Bartec

    • Automatic off-line spraying system for silicon coating
    • Coating surface 400 x 400 mm
    • User-specific programming