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CableEye – test system for cables and cable harnesses

Kabeltester 1The 'CableEye' is a comprehensive and easily adaptable test system. Due to various connection boards and the flexible software, the appliance is especially suitable for the production of cables, for research and development, maintenance, network technology and prototyping.

The most important tests and further features are:

  • Continuity test
    - open circuits, short circuits and faulty wiring
    - Pass/fail test with the specification of a sample cable
    - finding intermittent connections.
  • Resistance measurement (M3U)
    - tests resistance integrated into the cable, e.g. termination, pullup/pulldown or diode orientation.
  • Saving cable data for documentation purposes
  • Printing wiring plans
  • Printing labels
  • Saving and printing of fault protocols
  • Easily and quickly adaptable to various connector types BNC, RJ45, Sub-D, flat ribbon connections, etc.
  • High voltage test
    - Test for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown
    - Adjustable in 1 V steps from 10 V to the maximum permissible voltage
    - Tests up to 1500 VDC/1000 VAC
    - The test procedure can be programmed according to your specific requirements (ramp up, ramp down, dwell time, trip current and trip delay).

Cable Assembly

We manufacture wire and cable packaging, customised according to your specifications, with the highest precision, short supply times and quick reaction times. On request, we can supply cable packaging with circuit boards as a complete solution, electronically tested.

Our production is set up for small, medium and large series, packaging of bus systems, LWL packaging, manufacturing of wire harnessing, as well as customised manufacturing of nearly all requirements.


Our new ultrasound welding machine!

Katronik - Ultraschallschweißgerät

Ultrasonic welding is the procedure of the future for wire and terminal applications.
Amongst other things, the procedure is used for joining a number of wires together, as well as for joining wires to mass or high power connectors. Owing to the stability of this procedure, we can pressure weld cross sections of 0.34mm² to 35mm²!

Read more: Our new ultrasound welding machine!

  • Materials and technology Open or Close

    We process wires and cables up to AWG 30 (0,08 mm²) with plugs and connectors from all established manufacturers.

    • Cutting
    • Crimping and soldering
    • Insulation displacement technology
    • Shrinking
    • Overmoulding
    • Ultrasound welding

    Imprinting / Labelling

    • Hot stamping
    • Thermal transfer
    • Inkjet printing of cables and connectors
    • Automated digital printing of cables in black and white
  • Automation Open or Close
    • Cutting lines with automated thermoprinting transfer printer and placement
    • Cable cutting machine for outer diameter of 0,25 mm to 35 mm
    • Crimping machine with crimp force monitoring. More than 200 tools for all established manufacturers and series such as AMP, Molex, JST, Lumberg, Berg and so on.
    • 3-stage full automation for short lengths and small transverse sections
  • Quality Open or Close
    • Microsection testing facility for 100% secure testing of manufactured crimp connections.
    • Fully electronic cable and wire testing station for up to 256 test points. Testing for circuit breaks, crossed wires, short circuits and transition resistance is obligatory.
    • On request we can also test products from foreign manufacturers for our customers.
  • Product news / News Open or Close

    Molex® PICO-EZmate / Molex 78172
    Since 2009 we have had a Molex PICO-EZmate / Molex 78172 machine processing tool, modified in-house, for professional, cost effective and stable processing.

    Molex® Picoflex
    Our machinery also includes a Molex Picoflex semi-automatic machine. Therefore we are able to offer you Picoflex packaging of a high quality at a low cost.

    Tera Stecker KAT7
    For years we have been manufacturing patch and connector cables with the TeraStecker KAT7 for the largest EDP network in Austria.

    Tyco Micromatch
    With our Micromatch fully automated machine, we can manufacture in any quantity at competitive prices.

    Triaxial and coaxial cables
    With our fully-automated cutting line with a rotating stripping head and an inline printer, we can provide any type of coaxial and triaxial cable packaging at low cost. Client-specific printing takes place during the cutting process and does not incur extra costs.

  • Manufacturing Open or Close

    Automated cutting line with thermal transfer printer, cutting machine

    • Automated cutting line with automated thermal printing
    • Thermal transfer printer and placement
    • Cutting machine with rotating head cutter for coaxial and triaxial cables
    • Outer diameter up to 16 mm

    Crimp machine with crimp force monitoring

    • Strip-Crimp with automated crimp force and crimp height monitoring
    • Ensures stable processing
    • More than 50 different tools for all established manufacturers and series (AMP, Molex, JST, JAE, etc.)

    3- step fully automatic machine

    • Definition of short length of 50 mm to 1500 mm according to wire type
    • Small transections of AWG30 (0,05 mm²) to AWG 10 (6 mm²)
    • Automated cutting with double-sided crimping of the connector
    • All established manufacturers and series such as AMP, Molex, JST, JAE, Connex, Lumberg etc.

    Cable cutting machine
    Enables the high-quality stripping of large transections with an outer diameter of 3 to 35mm, using a new cutting technology.

    Crimping machines – semi-automatic
    For crimping various contact parts up to Ø 6,0 mm (spade connectors, wire end ferrules etc.)

    Wrapping machine
    For wrapping wires, cables, tubes
    Semi-automatic hot stamping
    For stamping wires up to 6 mm diameter

    Strip-Crimp machines
    For various quick-change tools
    up to Ø 2,5 mm.

    Ultrasound welding machine
    Pressure welded transections of 0,34mm² up to 35mm².

    Microsection testing facility
    Upon client request, we can take microsections for testing and optimising crimping.

    Fully-automated cable testing unit

    • Up to 256 test points
    • Short circuit and conductivity testing
    • Resistance and impedance measurement including tolerance values