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THE ECONOMIC SOLUTION – The etalux® Lighting System

etalux® - energy saving made easy

The use of energy-saving T5 fluorescent tubes with an electronic ballast unit could increase the quality of lighting and save a lot of energy. However, such tubes do not fit into the existing brackets. Or do they?

By using our etalux® lighting system, in future you can mount the T5 fluorescent tubes into the existing brackets and save energy every day immediately.

Without changing your existing brackets, you can therefore enjoy the benefits of an energy-saving T5 fluorescent tube!


  • etalux® - The new generation Open or Close
    etalux® save time and money by switching to the
    etalux® lighting system with an innovative design.
    etalux® the revolutionary, energy-saving system solution for lighting with T8/T12 fluorescent tubes with the standard lengths of 1200mm and 1500mm.
    etalux® for use in wet room, splinter protection and dry room conditions.
    etalux® exchange the T5 fluorescent tubes easily at any time.
    etalux® for lighting with compact fluorescent tubes that were previously operated with KVG, VVG or ECG.
    etalux® "plug and save energy": installation the same as the previous starter and the T8 lighting – insert it and save energy.
    etalux® provides overcurrent protection and recognises overvoltage, undervoltage and also an open control circuit.
    etalux® continuously monitors the operational status of the T5 fluorescent tubes and switches the light off in the case of overvoltage or dangerous operational circumstances.
    etalux® also suitable for the first fitting of a lighting system.
    etalux® conforms to the European norms for safety, working procedures and electromagnetic compatibility.
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    ... you can save up to 48%!

    Without changing your existing fittings, you can enjoy the advantages of an energy-saving T5 fluorescent tube!

    As simple as a standard change of light fitting:

    1.) slide the modern T5 light into the tube
    2.) insert the high-quality ECG
    3.) replace the starter with a jumper
    4.) turn the etalux® lighting system in the bracket
    5.) switch it on - done!

  • The etalux® - lighting system Open or Close
    • A UV resistant, durable synthetic tube for the modern T5 tubes.
    • High-performance ECG, integrated into the lighting system.
    • The patented jumper that replaces the previous starter
    • And as an option: etalux® reflector for special lighting requirements.
  • It is all about efficiency Open or Close

    And this is how your purchase calculates:

    Number of lighting units: 500 pc.
    Electricity price (incl. charges): € 0,136 / kWh
    Lighting time: 24h / 365d
    Previous electricity consumption: € 42.887 / year
    Electricity consumption with etalux®: € 22.337 / year
    You save: € 20.550 / year
    Leasing/hire purchase option
    over 48 months, interest rate 8,5%:
    € 6.160 / year
    You increase your solvency by:
    (savings minus costs)
    € 14.390 / year
  • etalux® - The lighting system for the 21st century Open or Close

    Here you can find the e-solution folder as a PDF file in five different languages to download and print.
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