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Moulding technology

Transparent moulding
For the LED area and other applications, we can also mould transparent components.

Vacuum moulding
This is used for components that have to be protected from air and humidity. The casting resins have a polyurethane, silicon or epoxy base. PU426 is standard. The moulding is free of air bubbles.

Macromelt moulding
An innovative low-pressure procedure with 1K materials, which can be classified between synthetic injection moulding and moulding with 2K materials. The cycles take 10 to 50 seconds. The technology is used, for example, in the areas of plug overmoulding, wire sleeve moulding and electronics.


  • Manufacturing Open or Close

    Scheugenpflug CNC dosing unit

    • Vacuum moulding system
    • Use of 1K and 2K moulding methods
    • Bubble-free moulding, different materials
    • Highest moulding quality
    • Process safety through CNC controls
    • Combined material processing system

    Scheugenpflug DKS 100

    • Moulding machine without vacuum
    • Set up for small or medium quantities
    • Different moulding materials are possible (polyurethane, epoxy resin, silicon)
    • Used for transparent moulding

    Macromelt – moulding machine
    For moulding prototypes and small series, manufacturing of aluminium moulding forms.